Corflex Soft AFO Brace For Foot Drop

The benefits of a corflex soft afo brace to protect the foot are well-known among high school and college students. The lower foot bone is important because it protects the top of the foot from injury. When the foot is slammed on a hard surface, the lower foot bones can be broken. This article will give you more information on the benefits of this type of brace.

Protects the front of the foot

The Corflex soft afo brace is one of the most popular back braces on the market. Made of a three-layer material, the brace fits over the foot comfortably, whether you wear shoes or are barefoot. Its adjustable center release buckle offers consistent support. Despite its popularity, it does not cure drop foot brace by itself. For best results, you should consult a doctor before you start using it.

The Corflex soft AFO is designed to provide support at night for patients suffering from achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. The soft AFO keeps the foot at a 90-degree angle, promoting natural gait and preventing heel pain. The corflex soft AFO can be worn during the day as a nighttime brace and can be easily adjusted. Although most nighttime braces are comfortable and work well, the Corflex soft AFO provides the most versatility.

Minimizes foot flexion

The Corflex soft AFO brace is an excellent nighttime support device that works to prevent foot drop due to plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis. It is adjustable and makes foot flexion as small as 90 degrees, promoting natural gait. A great nighttime support device, the Corflex soft AFO is comfortable enough to wear with shoes or barefoot. A durable soft liner and polyethylene shell make this brace comfortable and supportive.

This lightweight orthotic allows for easy on and off wear. The patented hinge-applied design provides optimum foot clearance and support while minimizing foot flexion. Unlike bulky, uncomfortable shoe braces, Corflex Soft AFO minimizes foot flexion. It also minimizes energy expenditure during hemiparetic gait, which is often caused by a dorsiflexion injury or other muscular disorder in the legs.

Minimizes air circulation around the foot

A soft AFO brace is ideal for high school or college athletes with foot drop. These braces support the front of the foot, minimizing air circulation in the foot and maximizing dorsiflexion. It is adjustable and works well during the night, preventing foot drop and promoting proper gait. In addition to nighttime use, corflex soft AFO braces are perfect for daytime support and can be adjusted to fit different sizes of feet.

A conventional AFO brace for foot drop restricts the foot’s flexion in a fixed manner. This causes decreased mobility and a poor quality of life. Alternatively, hinge-applied AFO braces minimize foot flexion while allowing ankle flexibility during loading response. The result is less energy expenditure during hemiparetic gait. These braces are also known as Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (DAFO).

Helps restore normal gait

The corflex soft AFO brace for foot drop can help patients with a wide range of movement regain normal gait. The AFO uses dynamic Lycra splinting and neuromuscular stimulation to correct the underlying cause of foot drop. The Corflex soft AFO brace is composed of two interchangeable forefoot attachments and an ankle wrap. It is recommended for patients with foot-drop, dorsiflexion injury, or leg muscle disorders.

The Corflex soft AFO brace for foot drop helps restore normal gaits and restores walking ability. It is an effective temporary solution for patients with foot drop. Patients should consult a physical therapist to determine which AFO is best suited for their needs. AFOs must be customized to the patient’s progress, so that they will be comfortable. The AFO should be worn for a minimum of two weeks and can be weaned off over time.