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Neofect Step

The Neofect STEP is a lightweight, durable foot drop brace that combines the benefits of Neofect rehab technology with the energy-storing properties of mixed materials. It is designed for people who have different degrees of drop foot. Users can use this brace for walking, running, or even climbing stairs. Its design is versatile and allows for adjustment to fit any individual’s specific needs. Neofect STEP is available in multiple styles to suit your lifestyle.

The Neofect STEP is a high-performance, lightweight, and durable drop foot brace designed to help people with neurological or muscle tone issues walk and run.

Neofect Step Features

The lightweight, cushioned pad makes the Neofect STEP foot drop brace comfortable and convenient. Its wide main strap allows adequate blood circulation and improves sensation and motion at the heel. It is easily slipped on and taken off with one hand. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use and can even be worn with socks. It helps reduce the chance of blisters or other foot issues. Neofect STEP has a great price, so it’s a great choice.

It has N-Support Technology, which delivers increased support over a traditional AFO

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