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Foot Aids are intended to prevent injury to the foot

These foot aids are intended to provide support to prevent injury to the foot, ankle, and lower leg while running or participating in any sporting event. For many years, the only way to obtain this much-needed support was through surgically inserting a post into each foot or else wearing a cumbersome cast-like shoe. Today, however, there is a much more lightweight alternative in the form of a shoe equipped with specially molded support. This type of foot braces with spring hinges offers the athlete the opportunity to compete without having to worry about possible foot injury.
Since there are numerous styles of foot braces available today, it is important to know what the best ones are before one begins shopping. Typically, one will find that there are three different types of foot braces. Some have built-in foot rests; some are foot braces with spring hinges; and some are simply foot braces with plastic elastics. All three have their own unique styles and function as desired by the athlete.